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        The Sovereign Islands Gateway Company Limited   ACN 005 013 230

The Sovereign Islands (Precinct No 3) Company Limited  ACN 069 209 007

The Sovereign Islands (Precinct No 4) Company Limited  ACN 096 267 042

The Sovereign Islands (Precinct No 5) Company Limited  ACN 096 874 216

The Sovereign Islands (Precinct No 6) Company Limited  ACN 104 418 180

B O A R D   O F   D I R E C T O R S

The Board of Directors were elected to The Sovereign Islands Gateway Company Limited and the Sovereign Islands (Precinct No 3-6) Companies Limited at an Annual General Meeting of each of these Companies on the 9th December 2016.  Leading up to this date, all residents were canvassed to attend the AGM or send in their Proxy forms to the Management Company to have their vote.

On the 9th December, this meeting effectively meant the transition from Lewis Land Corporation ownership and control, to the self-management of the Sovereign Islands by 5 Directors who are all residents of the Sovereign Islands.

At this AGM meeting, all Financial Accounts of each company where handed over from Lewis Land to the incoming Directors, as per the requirements of the Constitutions of the Companies and were made available to all members of the Companies. Each Company being found to be solvent and have been audited for transparency purposes.

These Directorship Positions are honorary and are ongoing roles as per the Memorandum of Articles of Association. However, the Directors will be considering increasing the number of Directors from 5 to 7 as per the allowance under the constitutions, and this will be discussed at the upcoming AGM.

The Directors continue to manage the Islands with a fierce directional goal: “Make Sovereign Islands Majestic.”

The Directors are:

Mrs Ann Glenister OAM: Managing Director / Secretary

Mrs Hui Ming Wang : Director

Phil Shakespeare: Director

Mr John Bate: Director and previous Engineer of The Sovereign Islands.

Mr John Lucas: Director.


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