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H I S T O R Y   O F   S O V E R E I G N   I S L A N D S

On behalf of the Directors of the Sovereign Islands, we wish to extend

a sincere welcome to our Sovereign Islands community.  


The Sovereign Islands is a unique and prestigious development offering all residents

an affluent and safe living environment.

As a valued member of our Islands, we would like to advise you that,

to maintain this lifestyle we require each resident to contribute to the cost of maintaining

the Islands.  These contributions are to provide 'on-site' security for your home,

and the electronic monitoring of all vehicular traffic coming in and out of the Islands

24 hours a day.  You may also opt for the security of your home to be connected

to the Security House at the entrance of the Islands for an appropriate annual

cost of monitoring. 

  • The Sovereign Islands is the first waterfront housing development in Australia to offer deep water access for luxury boats and yachts at all tides.

  • Each property on the islands has its own waterfront.

  • Sovereign Islands is quite, serene and a beautiful place; occasionally you may see dolphins swim by your pontoon

  • The unique millionaire’s playground offers luxury, privacy, a secure lifestyle, and best of all it is located just a twenty minute drive from the heart of the Gold Coast, forty-five minutes drive to Brisbane, one hour flight to Sydney and a two hour flight to Melbourne.

  • The Gold Coast climate is calm and sunny for most of the year. To live on the Sovereign Islands is pleasure all year round

  • The Sovereign Islands offers a prestigious waterfront lifestyle with nature’s beauty.

W E   I N V I T E   Y O U R   F E E D B A C K

As a valued member of our Sovereign Islands community we offer a warm invitation

for your correspondence through our email field below.


We offer prompt and courteous reply on your email.


This email field is available for our Sovereign Islands members to write to us

with any concerns, feedback or occurrences you would

like us to be aware of.


Feel free to utilise the email field below or send directly to our email address:


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